A press release is a actually a formal news document which highlights any specific criteria about your business, whether you are featuring a a new product or services, you are going to be attending a sponsored event, or any other specific information that you want the general public or new information sites to know about.

The Need To Be Visible

In today’s world today it is very important to  be vigilant. You need to be constantly thinking of new ways to get the message out there about your company, brand, services, or products.

By regularly publishing and releasing new information regarding your company to online Internet media, the world will soon forget your competition and turn to your company which now all of a sudden seems more interesting. Everyone craves fresh and interesting news stories. As a competitive company on the Internet, it is important to have a Press Release written and have it Distributed at regular intervals say once every couple months. That being said, it is just an important to have regular articles written every few days – there is a difference her.

Press release tell the public about a major product or event within your company. An article is simple any topic related to your niche that you wish to publish, like a new feature on an existing software, or a new service offered at your web development company.

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