7 Things You Probably Dont Know About Disney

Disney is one of the most widely recognised entertainment brands in the world. They own theme parks across the world make popular and successful films and have merchandise stores that span the globe. Disney is a massively successful corporation, there is no doubt about that but below is listed seven facts that you probably didnt know about Disney.

1. Walt and his brother Roy originally lived in Kansas City when they created their first animation, Alices Wonderland. This movie was picked up by a distributor which forced the couple to move to LA where the new studio was born.

2. The Walt Disney company was named the Disney brothers cartoon studio up until 1986 when they renamed the company and incorporated all its branches into this one company. Strangely this was Roys idea and not Walts as you would imagine. I guess they just thought it was a catchier name.

3. Mickey mouse was originally going to be called Mortimer mouse until they ran the name past a couple of their friends. It was Walts wife that came up with the name Mickey instead and then the now famous mouse starred in its first hit movie, steamboat Willie.

4. From 1932 onwards a Disney film won an Oscar every single decade. The most famous of these was probably three little pigs which later became an iconic story featured all over the planet.

5. Disneyland featured Americas first monorail system which came as a major expansion to the existing park in 1959. The monorail system was originally opened as an attraction and visitors flocked to come and see the attraction, it later became useful as a transport system ferrying visitors around the park.

6. Underneath every Disney world resort is a massive underground tunnel network. These underground systems were added so that the staff and cast could get around the park out of view of the public. The system has tunnels, offices, computer rooms etc. The tunnels were actually built at ground level and then buried with ground excavated from other attractions.

7. Somebody has put a lot of thought into the design of Main Street USA. If you are on the pavement, the trees are arranged so that you cant quite see the castle; this draws your eye to the shops where you can explore and spend your cash. The black pavement heats up in the sun, encouraging people to stop loitering and move on into the park.

A lot of effort has been made by the Disney corporation to make every Disney experience the best it can be. Hopefully these facts will make you think next time you are wandering around one of the Disney parks or watching one of their marvelous films.

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