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Today I want to talk to you a little bit about Automated Webinars. Automated webinars can help your business, whether online or off-line, produce a steady stream of income. By having your automated webinar running consistently in the background, you will always have a flow of customers coming to your website or business and spending money.

Webinars have a much higher conversion rate (sales rate) than virtually any other kind of media. It beats out e-mails, websites, short videos, banner ads, call centers, newspaper ads, radio and even television, when looking at how many people you sell versus how many people saw your message. Typical sales rates for people viewing an automated webinar are 15 to 50% depending upon the product/service being offered in the price point (how expensive the item is). Automated webinars are amazingly powerful because they engage the audience so deeply and provide you with ample time to present the sale and closing. This is why all the big Internet marketers utilize automated webinars (sometimes known as Evergreen webinars) on a regular basis as part of their marketing mix. They know that virtually no other advertising medium can match. The only thing I’ve seen come close to the conversion rates of an automated webinar, is a person selling from the stage.

But the beauty of automated webinars is that you don’t have to fly around the country presenting from the stage and spending months of preparation to get people in the room. Nor do you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars in marketing and months of event planning, simply to fill the seats for one quick sales pitch. Automated webinars can be filled through simple advertising medium, such as Facebook ads, pay per click, or joint venture e-mail campaigns. Using these methods you can usually get one person to attend for only $1-$3 per person. This is amazingly cheap and it takes very little to get 50 to 100 people to show up for your presentation (automated webinar). As an added bonus, this will also help rapidly build your e-mail marketing list which you can then use to sell these people other items, not relate to the webinar. Being able to build and re-utilize this e-mail list to sell other products and services for years to come will significantly drop your cost per lead by multiplying how much you earn off of the list that you built for your automated webinars.

Webinar automation makes it easy to earn money while you sleep. All you do is set the webinars to run at set times and simply do the ad spends to drive traffic to the webinars. Some of the automated webinars you can even set up to run on demand. This allows people to jump in at any time, which can be an amazingly powerful selling tool, for people with busy schedules would otherwise miss your webinar. Automated webinars have tremendous upside and very little downside. They cost very little to produce, or a little to advertise, and very little to run. Automated webinars help fulfill the Internet marketing dream of making money while you sleep.

At Automated Webinar Cash Machine we are one of the nation’s leading experts on how to set up webinars that sell like crazy. Anybody can make a webinar, but it takes trained marketing professionals like the team at Automated Webinar Cash Machine to create webinars that make massive sales because they follow the tool strategies and techniques that it took us over a decade to perfect. With having created hundreds of webinars for ourselves and others, we had the experience and expertise to help make you massively successful. Once we have trained you in these skills, you can easily create dozens of webinars that should be equally successful and create multiple streams of income for you. This can mean tens of thousands of dollars of income coming in month after month for years to come. If you would like more information please contact us at 1-800-687-4061. we would be happy to give you a Free consultation to see how we can help you make thousands of dollars per month on auto-pilot using automated webinars.

Dustin Mathews – Automated Webinar Expert & Trainer
Make Your Fortune With Automated Webinars!

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