Dropping Weight With Kettlebells

It wasnt that long ago that most people, outside of Russia anyway, had never heard of kettlebells but now theyre everywhere. Now, they are widely recommended as a way to improve strength, fitness, and as a weight loss tool. But are these oddly shaped weights really an effective weight loss tool? There is some evidence to support this claim since many people have lost weight and gotten fitter using kettlebells. Here are some of the features of kettlebells and how they can help with your weight loss goals.

Kettlebells are quite a convenient way to work out, although they have an unusual appearance if youre used to dumbbells and barbells. You can use them either at home or at the gym. While some people like that dumbbells can be adjustable, this can make them dangerous. Not only can the weight fall off if it doesnt get properly secured, it can also shift position in the middle of an exercise causing an injury. Kettlebells, however, are sold at different weights so its important to choose a weight thats appropriate for you. Start with something you can easily handle and then gradually work your way up. The wide variety of exercises you can do with kettlebells is one of their advantages. With kettlebells, you can work many different muscle groups, improve aerobic fitness, and burn fat in one workout. The kettlebell lunge is one of the best exercises you can do for weight loss and improving fitness. Begin this simple exercise by standing up straight while holding the kettlebell in one hand with your palm facing your body. Then, simply step back with one leg while bending the front knee. While doing that, shift the kettlebell to your other hand by passing it between your legs. Complete a set of 8 repetitions on the first side, then switch.

It is feasible that kettlebell training can help you with burning calories and not only while youre working out, but afterward as well. This concerns the afterburn effect, also called EPOC (Excessive Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), something you can just get from concentrated, anaerobic workouts. This isnt an effect you get out of most other sorts of exercise, which means you need to do them a lot longer in order to reap the same benefits. Your metabolism is heightened for up to a full day following an intense workout, which is why you should always skip a day in between kettlebell sessions. This is one of the things that cause this to be a tremendously efficient sort of exercise to perform if youre attempting to drop weight.

You may find that kettlebells are just what you need to get you working out consistently and losing excess weight. They provide you with a simple way to get a total body workout that includes both cardio and resistance training. Like any exercise program, though, you have to take it seriously and give it some time to work. Kettlebells arent new, but they very well may be the workout of the future.

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