Easton Natural Catchers Set

Spring is virtually here, plus it is time to get your Easton Natural Catchers Set of protective equipment ready for spring sports. If your son or daughter enjoys baseball or softball and plays

baseball catchers gear
An Easton natural youth catchers group of equipment, has everything a catcher needs to stay safe, and active, behind the plate. Although safety and player protection are the primary impetus for this top quality equipment, no mobility or breath-ability may be sacrificed. Every bit of protective equipment needed with a catcher is provided. The safety and protection equipment provided is really as follows.

? Safety helmet.

? Chest protector.

? Leg guards.

? Extra large capacity equipment bag, with two handles to store and carry equipment.

This set, of catchers protection equipment, is sized for ball players aged from 9 to 12 years old. Here, is good info on each piece of this great catchers protection equipment set.

The Easton Natural Helmet

baseball catchers gear
This boxed pair of equipment features a hockey inspired catchers helmet, which is built using durable ABS shell material. It is also fitted having a strong steel cage. This provides superior protection from exterior impact forces for the head and face of the individual wearing the helmet.

Within the helmet are lots of layered foam cushions. There can also be a soft vinyl pad for your chin plus a venting system that is aerodynamically made to allow any player to stay comfortable, protected and focused around the game they are playing.

The Easton Natural Chest Protector

This critical little bit of catchers safety protection equipment can be inspired by safety equipment designed originally for hockey players. It is a form-fitting protector for that chest that reduces ball rebounds. It even offers perfectly placed ventilation holes that reduce weight and allows the catcher to stay cool, dry and ready for action. This chest protector can be adjusted easily to ensure that every person using the protector can custom fit the protector for their needs. Another great feature is the main one removable shoulder cap and IFSR groin protection piece. The chest protector is the main piece of equipment in the Easton natural youth catchers set.

The Easton custom Designed Natural Leg Guards

The leg guards are form fitting and have a knee-cap design that provides triple protection for mobility and comfort simultaneously. It even offers an insert lining which is created from soft cushion foam and it is removable.

People who have purchased this set report that it gives you every one of the protection promised. They also suggest the purchase of an Easton Knee saver, as a good product to complement this boxed set of catchers equipment. Boys, especially love this set in black because they feel it makes them look intimidating around the field.

youth catchers gear
The Easton Natural Catchers Set, can be acquired inside a variety of colors that include Navy Blue, Red, Black and Royal Easton. This is a set of safety equipment for catchers, that is designed for comfort, protection and appearance.

the positioning of catcher, you must know about the natural catchers box set of equipment. Offered by Easton, this pair of catchers equipment is form-fitting and inspired by protective equipment found in hockey.catchers equipment

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