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Angelic June (Samaire Armstrong) falls deeply in love with penniless Juan Diego (Oscar H. Guerrero), despite her fathers (Jon Gries) disapproval. The acting at first glance seems extraordinary, particularly the rainy opening scene where doe-eyed June meets her charming knight in shining armor. When they notice the other person while passing through a green field within the rain, these two strangers share a romantic moment. Juan Diego approaches her and on bended leg, kisses the hand connected with his fair maiden. June blushes and rapidly flees the scene and Juan Diego, like any good likely suitor, runs after her. Love ensues. Their love encourages June to break far from her father and charter her very own life. She lives happily ever before after. Pretty simple, seen it before, right? As the film begins because of this direction that seems far too sweet and predictable to be able to swallow, I slowly find myself thinking that this film is seeking purely through Junes mentally-challenged uncles eyes; simple, straightforward and loving. This is the subversion from the fairytale we can really feel coming, as Savoca presents the film through the uncle Henrys (Brad William Henke) standpoint. Uncle Henrys childlike presence is usually watching and prodding situations, and I take it that its his point of view thats being told. In the end, his wonder at the beauty and imagination of lifetime that his brother cant discover and his real, abounding love for July and her happiness are the heart of this video.

June is a missing soul, entrenched and manipulated by means of her familys marred, hidden past and her troubled father. Admittedly, the changes she experiences after falling in love and then confronting her unhappy living are predictable. Many questions are left unanswered regarding who June really is. On occasion, she seems too simplistic a character to get real interest in until you consider her basic, quiet love for Holly, her innocent adoration regarding Juan Diego, and her complex partnership with her father. Junes father, Murray, is the sympathetic villain with the story, and probably the character with depth. Murray loves his daughter in a selfish way, keeping her close since his only living link with his deceased wife. The confrontation between July and her father brings the film firmly towards ground like the second act in the good play, and this may be the spot that the film fails in its consistency to present Henrys view, if that was the intention.

San Francisco in this film feels more like a sleepy fishing town compared to tourist magnet of their usual portrayal. The conscious choice connected with using San Franciscos Portrero Hill area like a setting for anywhere is refreshing. I think most suppliers would say that youd be crazy to never show off the Golden Gate bridge and also other assorted landmarks in a “So I Married a good Axe Murder” orgy of S . fransisco sights. Instead, the Bay Bridge is actually a bridge almost anywhere, and this small the main city becomes intimate and also simple, just like the tale. Peter Hawkins cinematography from the film is lithe and unobtrusive. It emphasizes the fairytale quality of the film through use of a bright palette and low depth of field.

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