How Important Is Wind Power As A Renewable Source of Energy?

With the price of fuel these days, there is much talk about alternative energy sources. Wind energy is one such alternative energy source, and the limelight has settled on the efficiency of wind farms. The provision of energy from wind is a clean process, and of course wind is an inexhaustible source of power. Wind power is really a form of solar power, since the uneven heating of the ground by the sun lends to the change and variance of the wind. The wind is then channeled to produce electricity.

A lot of nations are now using wind farms as a means to fully use what power can be produced by the wind. Working like propeller blades but in reverse, the power of the wind is gathered by the big blades of many wind turbines that have been put up in a suitably windy area. With the collective power of the dozens of wind turbines, the farms can produce a large amount of energy. Having the knowledge on how the wind farms work will show you how efficient they are. The way wind turbines function is, the propeller turns a shaft whenever the gusts of wind turn the propeller blades. The turning of the shaft cranks a generator from which action electricity then results. Hydropower is just the same, except for using water rather than wind as the source of energy.

Adequate energy for a town or larger area calls for a lot of turbines, as one is hardly enough for a household or small farm. When the ability of a turbine is increased by having several of them, like you see on a wind farm, the compounded amount of electricity that can be created is very big. Entire residential areas can be powered by the energy that is collected in battery-like storage cells, or existing utility power grids. Now wind turbines are so sophisticated that they can make use of wind coming from any direction, even when it is from inconsistent, variable angles.

The efficiency is enhanced too when the turbines are taller, or if they have bigger blades. Since there are many factors that must be analyzed, it is difficult to determine the exact efficiency of wind turbines. There is no constant, when it concerns wind farms, because they change so much in terrain, size of turbines, and the amount of wind. Generally speaking, the amount one turbine will convert the energy in wind to electricity is about 20 percent. The wind turbines are at their most cost-efficient in wind speeds of from 5 to 20 miles an hour.

Although it is not as constant as solar, wind power is more efficient, estimated as 20% efficient versus solar at approximately 14%. Wind is one of the more favourable kinds of renewable source of energy, and benefits from technology getting better each day. As a form of alternative energy source, it is viewed as increasingly vital, but is not yet used worldwide. One of the leading countries in the use of wind power is Germany.

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