How You Can Get Great Spiritual Reward With A Christian Mission Trip

Building financial support through a letter to family and friends

On the typical, $250 could be raised through well-written letters sent to about 75 people who know you: family members and friends.
Some groups make a fund-raising letter inside a downloadable form so participants can certainly personalize it.
Spread the term widely; dont limit the letters to Christian family and friends.
Send thank-you letters for every financial gift. Sometimes, “thank you” notes may even bring follow-up gifts.

How local churches might help come up with the appropriate money

Give official blessing or sanction
Provide letters of endorsement on church stationery [ more information ]
Let people tell the congregation in services
Allow pleas for donations during services
Host informational meetings concerning the trip
Publicize the trip
Information within the congregations monthly newsletter
Inserts within the weekly church bulletin
Call attention to the ones that get involved in local ministry when they return or opt long-term due to going short-term.
Provide direct financial support
Provide partial funding in the church budget.
Help to get out a support raising letter.
Organizing prayer support.
Organize fund-raising events inside the church.
Auction off Six hours of the trip participants time.
Hold dinner/auction of baked goods.
Auction of baked goods with pie-in-the-face.

Suggestions for Fund Raiser Events

Mexican Dinner- Turn a hall right into a Mexican restaurant and have the group dress in traditional Mexican because they serve a basic combination plate dinner to those whove purchased tickets. Suggested menu: tacos, rice and re-fried beans. Have volunteer cooks help with the preparation from the meal. Another suggestion would be to possess the groups of the audience cook to allow them to are able to operate together.

Bible Reading Marathon-Have members get pledges each hour to read the Bible continuously. Turn it into a party! Have group members take turns to reading in one room while in another have videos or team-building games which will to encourage them because they purchase their project.

Servant Auction – Auction off group members to become “servants” employed by a set fee each hour paid to the organization.

Individual Sponsorship- Group members are able to obtain individual sponsors by personal request.

Shareholders- Supporters and friends can buy a “share” in the trip. Provide stock certificates of the importance towards the trip and make certain to share the experience with them after the group returns home.

Bake Sales- Be creative and give a new angle having a “sugarless bake sale”, or perhaps a “chocolate-lovers bake sale”.

Talent Show- Encourage all the members/families inside your group to sign up in a talent show. Charge admission and enjoy the fun!

Aluminum Can Collection- Set aside a convenient location or a private garage to collect aluminum cans for redemption in the local recycling center.

Hold Giant Garage/Yard Sale- Collect items from others such as clothing, furniture, car parts, electrical appliances, etc. for a profitable garage sale. Be sure to promote the cause while doing so for additional exposure.

Sunday School Class Challenge- Challenge Sunday School classes to compete with each other to raise money for that trip. Cause them to become keep track of the things they collect and set of it each week. Celebrate having a class party after the trip with photos and testimonials.

Car Wash- For any carwash fund-raiser add a twist like a “car wash and wax” while people pay to hit leaders of the group with water balloons or whipped cream. The most successful car washes are FREE with the group participants obtaining a per-car-washed pledge from supporters. You can also sell carwash coupons in advance too.

B-B-Q Cookout- Hold an old fashion BBQ after church or at some special some time and location. You may also have items donated for that BBQ from individuals or local businesses.

Other ideas

Car Wash: Sell car wash coupons

Organize dinners or dinner theaters then sell tickets

Hold giant garage/rummage sale

Sell barbecue

Organize and teach an Internet beginners course

Sell tubs of frozen cookie dough

Find a restaurant which will donate part of the cost of meals or provide meal

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