iPhone App Development – Is It Worth the Try

Indeed, within a short span of time, iPhone was able to generate millions of bucks for Apple. Regrettably, only Apple industries can obtain that much and not the software application developers that work on creating software and additional applications for iPhone. As a matter of fact, it might be better off to forget iPhone App Development and consider other devices. Nonetheless, is money the only thing that matters?

Many might consider iPhone app development and iPad app development simply because of the significant number of iPhone users today. However, if you compare those amounts to the overall amount of smartphones as of today, it would not even reach 20 percent. So one would be neglecting the greater part of smartphone customers if developers concentrate on iPhone app development only. If this is for business purposes, abandoning the greater part of smartphone users would make no sense at all.

Smartphones aren’t the only phones individuals use. As a matter of fact, countless people utilize feature phones that has Java and Brew applications. Even though there are many smartphone customers, feature phone customers might triple their number. It’s because feature phone customers nowadays are predicted around 2.5 to 3 billion customers. Anybody who is attempting his best in iPhone app development while not contemplating working on feature phones is just overlooking the greater part of the world’s mobile phone users. If a developer wants to make a ton of hard earned cash, establishing applications for iPhone and feature phones might be a smart idea.

No matter exactly how you look at it, the number of smartphone customers would rise in the next years. Still, this trend doesn’t indicate that iPhone and other smartphones will absolutely take over the market. In broader point of view, communication is exactly why people want cell phones, and as long as that’s the reason why one should get cellular phones, feature phones will never be forgotten.

When Apple has taken their portion on the sales for each downloaded application, developers might either profit a great deal or be at loss. Though this is dangerous, if one is lucky and was able to make a great application, the rewards can be plentiful. Sometimes, a developer might make tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars but there are times one could earn a few hundreds of dollars. Plainly, there is a huge distinction in income.

If one considers, application development, it might be wise to not only invest money but additionally time. Yes, developing applications on other handheld devices could be good for your company but the prestige one might gain from iPhone app development can be something to be pleased with.

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