Mens underwear through the years has changed in lots of ways

Mens underwear through the years has changed in lots of ways. In Victorian times clothing was worn to conceal your body and underwear especially was not discussed. This inevitably result in underwear acquiring erotic properties. Mens underwear during these times is at two pieces and all undergarments were made by hand and they were made from cotton and silk.During the 1920s mens underwear was much more about convenience and comfort. This era saw the introduction of the first pre-shrunk fabrics and boasted cotton, wool and silk blends. It also saw the introduction of other technologies for example button fastenings.

The 1930s brought about the largest revolution for mens underwear. The Jockey brief was introduced in a shop window in 1935 on a day when the inhabitants of Chicago needed to endure the worst blizzard from the winter. Your window display was removed through the management for selling such skimpy underwear on this type of cold day but before the display might be removed 600 pairs of Jockey shorts were sold and 30,000 pairs were sold in the next three months alone. Once they continued sale in great britan in 1938 they sold around 3000 pairs per week.

Throughout the mid and latter the main 20th century underwear started to come in are printed and coloured garments and branding really started to become prevalent during this time period with manufacturers for example Calvin Klein. Underwear began to be a fashion statement. Using the introduction of Lycra and Spandex new fabric technology began to grow to be important and underwear became smaller with far more variety created for specific age groups and purposes.

As we transfer to a brand new millennium we now have seen mens underwear be a much more varied. Underwear manufacturers have produced hybrid designs with hipsters and boxer-briefs and even the g-string makes an entry to the mens underwear market. Traditional boxers and briefs continue to be popular but the trunk is favoured by younger men today made from cotton and lycra blends but with ever increasing popularity coming from microfibre fabrics. The large waistband emblazoned with the designers logo is seen everywhere and that i mean seen everywhere. The style of the 2000-2010s in young mens underwear is to show the waistband above the top from the trousers.

Dating back to to Victorian times buying underwear has been seen as somewhat risqu? and men bought traditional mens underwear. Once we move through the 20th century and for the 21st century we now have seen various styles, fabrics and colours appearing appealing to the audience looking for sex appeal in addition to fashion or everyday use. The development of the web has seen men buying their underwear with shops in the shops but increasingly through on-line retailers and becoming their underwear delivered. On-line sales is rapidly increasing and men are no longer being traditional in their choices.

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