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The state of the economy in the United States has been showing signs of improvement. Over the past few months and trending for over a year has seen growth in many sectors and many economist have optimistic projections for the future. For many small business owners this is good news, it means that they can quit worrying about whether or not they will have enough revenue to keep their doors open. Some business owners may be content to feel secure again, others though may have bigger plans to ride this wave and improve their situation. No matter what, there are a lot of small business owners currently looking for small business financing right now. In order to compete, many owners are looking for an edge above the competition.
For women and minority business owners this can be a problem. They are less likely to be approved for small business financing across the board. Because of the recession and the credit crunch, many banks have not loosened their recent, more stringent policies on bank loans. Even before this was true though, banks were much more likely to lend to white, male merchants above women and minorities.
In order to compete in the business world, every merchant needs financing. For women and minorities this means fighting harder just to get the funds to enter onto the playing field. What many of these business owners do not realize is that they could much more easily obtain minority business financing than traditional financing. Minority business financing is angled specifically for women and minorities who are looking to fund their small businesses. These specialized loans are part of an effort to level the playing field and give business owners from all backgrounds a stab at really making it in their chosen industry.
There are many options for minority business financing. The trick is knowing where to look for it. Minority business financing can come in many forms from traditional loans to government programs as well as competitions and non-profit help like free business consulting to minority-run businesses. For many these may be good options though often times the acceptance rate is much lower than the applicant pool, leaving many still searching after they have applied. Non-profits may be helpful but they rarely provide actual minority business financing, and are more likely to help with other services at a reduced price or even for free. But for the minority business owner, the search for minority business financing can be ongoing for a very long time.
One option that many don’t think to explore when they focus on minority business financing is the non-traditional business-funding world that has sprung up over the last decade. These programs are tailored for small business owners and often have minority business financing programs. Their acceptance rate is very high in comparison with other funding sources and their numbers are usually more evenly distributed among business owners of different backgrounds. While searching for minority business financing, any small business owner in this position should consider the alternative business finance market. It could be their best option.

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