Modu – The Worlds Lightest and Smallest Mobile phone Telephone

The self titled modular cellphone from your organization Modu is about to produce some critical splashes inside the cellular telephone sector. This device it touted to become the worlds initial modular cellular telephone that can be easily customized to fit the buyers precise desires. All youll want to do is both pop your Modu right into a modu jacket or pair it with a modu mate, and youve got yourself an entire new gadget. When they buzz around the concept wasnt adequate, just this week the Guinness Book of Globe Information verified that the Modu is in actual fact the worlds lightest and littlest mobile telephone to this point.

So at its core, you are essentially trapped with all the most fundamental cellular phone youve ever observed. But attach a modu mate, and you have received a complete diverse device. Several of the modu mates that have been confirmed to date contain MP4 gamers, digital photo frames, cameras, and DECT telephones. The possibilities are essentially limitless and it does not appear like Modu is aiming to near the door on any new partnerships that can lead to future modu mates.

And when design is more of your issue, companies like Universal Music Group are lining up to style modu jackets, which change your core Modu telephone into a variety of distinctive seems and feels. Where standard telephone covers and plates had their restrictions, the simplicity and style in the Modu is creating it effortless for each modu jacket to give the look that it really is basically an entirely exceptional and distinct telephone.

But the challenge lies within its core design. The Modu could be the worlds littlest and lightest cellular telephone, but without having something on it, you would in all probability have passed by it if the creepy mall kiosk men exactly where providing it absent at no cost. Also, the modular concept is terrific and all, but when the costs are not nice and low the complete revenue construction in the phone is not exactly going to maintain its personal. All of the modu mates that have been verified up to now exactly where fairly substantially cared for by phones just like the one my father nonetheless makes use of.

But what is which you say? My telephone can not be turned right into an electronic picture frame? It really is called setting your telephone to not shut the screen off and leaving your photographs on slideshow! Besides that gadget, the remainder appear pretty neat so I will lay off of them, and that i do must admit, the modu jacket style is actually truly cool, but this might wind up becoming a gimmick that just doesnt make sense whenever you could obtain any from the HTC or Nokia Smartphones and possess a little gadget that does anything the Modu does after which some.

Modu is beginning their world conquest marketing campaign in Europe initially, but it really is anticipated to generate its way more than towards the states in the direction of the end of this 12 months or early next calendar year. Anticipate a critique in the device if I can handle to obtain my hands on one.

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