Opening a LogMeIn Account

Have you ever accomplished one thing after which after understood it had not been as fantastic a concept in execution. For reasons uknown I seem to get it done frequently. This past Holiday, my wife and I offered our new mother in regulation an H . p . netbook computer so she might not ought to share usually the one computer in their house any longer. At first it exercised fantastic, right out of the box it booted up, we have got her an at the-snail mail accounts and she or he was off and operating.

We live in South Texas, and my in-laws live in California and for whatever reason Skype has much better sound quality than our local phone service. My wife and her mother have chatted several times and it was looking like a great gift. The new netbooks run Windows 7 which no longer run an e-mail client. The applications have moved “to the cloud”. I set her up with a gmail account, wireless access in her house and it was looking like we got a great gift until tonight. As long as she could get on the internet she was ok.

Tonight when she pulled up her iGoogle page something went terribly wrong and I got the call. I pulled up the page on my computer with her account and everything looked normal to me. The way my mother in law was describing things you would think aliens had taken over the netbook. 20 years in the technology support business and I was puzzled by a computer I gave someone, not just anyone, my mother in law.

So following nearly 45 min’s I managed to get the brilliant notion to own her use my consideration and weight LogMeIn on her netbook computer. We sitting on Skype chattering regarding the temperature, which last but not least got previously mentioned very cold today, and continued to wait for LogMeIn to insert. Talk about difficult. My lady gave up and visited your bed because i heard the television in private more than Skype. I must say I became pleased while using appear company’s call.

When LogMeIn finally loaded, you could feel the relief when I could see her computer. Even better when I could take control and start giving a some simple lessons on web application usage that I skipped during the holiday visit. Life was restored to normal in minutes. If picture is worth a thousand words, a picture with control must be worth a million. I could have spent all night on the phone and never understood what she was saying the computer was doing. Who knew there was a generation gap in windows speak? What worries me is that she knows I can do this now.

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