The time has come to do something about the terrible parking situation in Halifax Nova Scotia and the new Parking Space Finder Service has come up with a parking space solution –

The goal at Halifax Parking Finder is to get people in Halifax to list their unused parking spaces in order to rent them out to people looking for places to park their cars in Halifax NS. It’s that simple!

It’s high time that there was a parking service in Halifax Nova Scotia. How many times did you drive around looking for places to park when you came into Halifax to a show, a hospital, or stopping off for a pizza. There are thousands of commuters everyday in Halifax looking for places to park their cars.

It’s not just Halifax that people are looking for parking space. It is also in Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville, and most other areas of the HRM. Even with metered parking in Halifax is hard to find a free meter. So what do you do?

parking space rentals Halifax ns

Find A Space To Park in Halifax NS

The best way to find a space to park in Halifax is by searching the PARK180 PARKING SPACE FINDER website!

parking finder services halifax nsThere are lots of parking spaces empty every day in Halifax but the reason they are empty is because local residents still don’t know that they can list the unused parking spaces on the Halifax Parking Finder website and make extra money off these parking spots.

There are hundreds of streets in the Halifax are so if would be helpful if everyone would spread the work and share the PARK180 website so that people will not only find a cheap place to park in Halifax but people with unused parking spaces can make extra money each month by listing them on the Parking Services Website –

All residents of Halifax will have a place to park their vehicles on any street in Halifax when the word gets around.

There are lots of places to promote a valuable parking service like PARK180 but the best way is to use local advertising called “word of mouth”. No doubt you will eventually hear about Halifax Parking Finder but for now there is the website, social media channels, and local newspaper promotions like on Global News, Halifax NS.

List Unused Parking Spaces in Halifax NS

If you have a driveway and no car, you can list this parking space on parking services website and they will pay you an 80% commission. If you want to make even more money, list your unused parking spots weekly or monthly and the Halifax Park180 Parking Finder Services will pay you weekly.

You can make hundreds of dollars each month if you are a landlord with rental units and apartment buildings and you want to list unused parking spaces to make a bunch of extra cash each week in Halifax NS.

List your private driveways, parking spaces in front of your house, apartment building spaces, or parking spaces in any parking lot in the waterfront area of Halifax if they aren’t being used.

So the concern about parking in Halifax is real! The Halifax HRM Government has been trying to figure out the parking crisis for sometime now especially in winter when there is snow on the ground and there is a parking ban after midnight in effect. It is hard enough to find places to park your car in Halifax but in winter it is even more difficult.

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