So How Does This Press Release Site Work?

order a press releaseIf you are new to online press release writing and article submission and are unsure how the whole thing works, then our company is here to help you get started.

We Will Write Your Press Release OR.. You can Submit A Press Release for us to review, edit, and distribute. Either way it’s the same low price! If there are any changes needed, we will email them to you before final Publication and Distribution.

  1. Submit Your Press Release to PR WEB ADS for Approval and Distribution – (order press release)

  2. Or.. Have Us Write Your Press Release & Distribute it to News Outlets for you – (order press release)

Our dedicated Article Writing and Press Release staff are dedicated customer service professionals that will help you get your PR (press release) written and distributed on the web. After the press release is written you will see a steady climb in website traffic.

If you are unsure on how to write or submit a press release here is a sample Press Release!

Press releases back in the day were designed to communicate between a public relations firm and various media outlets around the world. But now things have changed a bit as most of the online news sites like Google News and Yahoo News are online make it very easy to syndicate news through RSS feeds, which is an easy to access news tool for consumers.

Get A Press Release Written Today!

order a press release

Getting Started – Follow These 5 Steps.

1.     Figure out if you need a press release or article written about your company
2.     Sign up for one of our Press Release or Article Packages
3.     Once we receive the order notification via email, we will contact you ASAP to follow up
4.     Then you just need to give us is the topic of your article or press release, as well as the news item and info on your company
5.     Once your PRweb Ad order is finished, we will contact you back with the completed results so that you can preview our work.

That’s about it! It’s a pretty painless process where we do all the heavy lifting and give you top Press Release Services ever time. Turnaround time is usually between 3-5 business days depending on how many Press Releases or Articles you need written. Order Your Press Release Today!

Press Releases Are An Effective Distribution Tool

Press releases are an effective tool for distributing your content to hundreds of media sites online which in turn distribute the content to consumers. A huge bonus of the press release is that they contain not only the message about your products or services, they can easily be formatted with inbound links back to your website, effectively increasing traffic and brand awareness.

Our press release writing service is a lot cheaper that most of the business PR sites out there like Business Wire, PRWeb, and PR Newswire. We simplify the press release process by writing and distributing your press release to high ranking PR firms without charging you hundreds of dollars.

We are trying to build up our article writing and press release distribution in Canada so our mission is to keep prices low. PR sites will get your press releases and we will index them in Google as well. So every article and press release is indexed directly on this site as well as distributed to PR sites online. It’s a win/win for anyone using our services at

Press Release Tips – How To Write A Good Press Release

Then take a look at these great tips and rules to follow when writing a press release before you submit it to this PR Web Ads site.

  1. Always lead with a story – Most news releases today are all about the the story of the brand.  The story actually what is most important in the eyes of the search engines.  If you can create a buzz with the story itself, the brand building process will begin and your press release will get indexed higher in Google as a results.
  1. Keep headlines short – You should always keep the headline below 120 characters if possible. This is the most import part of the press release as it tells readers what the content is all about.
  1. Lead with “why” – Readers what to know right upfront “why” this content is important enough for them to want to read. It should always target the right audience in your market. The branding elements should always follow the “why” story telling process.
  2. Subheadings are suggested – Subheading will add much needed value to the headline and as a result allows for the main headline itself to be shorter.
  3. Used Multimedia in the Content Area – Text is great but a press release has added value when certain multimedia components are added like graphics, infographics, photos, and videos. Multimedia content will boost press content visibility and engagement with the your audience. Like the old saying goes.. “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
  4. Only use 1-3 hyperlinks in a press release – Using only a few links will help with SEO and search visibility mostly because search engines will treat each link as relevant pointers to other related content.  If the links are relevant to your press release, they are treated as 100% good links to use.
  5. Make your press release readable, not blocks of paragraphs – A press release is an important news item about a company and should be read easily. Never use blocks of paragraphs or you will lose the readers attention and your bounce rate will soar. Only use easy to read text with bold, some italics not many, bullet or numbered points, and simply to read paragraphs.
  6. A call to action is important – You can give your direction with a “call to action” like “click here”, or “buy now”, or “read more”. It tells them what to do next after reading your piece of content. The call-to-action should always be located in the first 1-3 paragraphs of your press release or SEO article.