If you are getting married in Halifax this Fall, we’d like to suggest a picturesque lakeside setting for your wedding ceremony, reception, and wedding photos.

Come to think of it, the Hatfield Farm is an amazing venue to get married at during any season! If you’re looking for a venue that will take care of most of your wedding planning in HRM, read about why The Hatfield Farm is definitely the venue you should consider!

The Hatfield Farm Weddings

The Hatfield Farm offers a total wedding package price that is dependent on the expected number of wedding guests and any other additional services that you would like to include.

It is not based on a per person rate but based on a set number of guests, in which you will be given a per person rate for any additional guests, taxes and gratuities are extra of course.

The typical wedding at Hatfield Farm usually starts when guests arrive around 5:00 pm and are greeted by the friendly staff where they are given a meal ticket and a ticket to get on the horse-drawn wagon that takes them to the ceremony site. The bride, often accompanied by her favorite Halifax wedding photographer, is transported by an old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage.

Wedding Photographs

After photos with the carriage, the bride and groom have about 45 minutes for the rest of the wedding photographs with the wedding party and family.

The staff at the Farm keep to the schedule, and I gotta say, as a photographer, I found it was very convenient to be told how much more time we have left. I get carried away when taking photos and always set up a few alarms on my phone to keep me on schedule, and when I was photographing here, I did not have to worry about those.

Horse-Drawn Wagon

This perk is a really nice option to the wedding package especially if you bring along your professional wedding photographer. Once your wedding guests arrive at Hatfield Farm, a horse-drawn wagon will transport guests to the ceremony location.

If it is raining, a sheltered wagon or bus will be used. Elderly guests and those with special needs can be transported to the ceremony location by company shuttle. 

A shuttle is available throughout the night to transport guests back to the front of the farm in case they require an early departure. In my case, I arrived at the barn ahead of the guests to be able to capture their arrival. Having a lot of gear to carry around, photographers get special permission to drive up to the barn and park there.

So think about getting the wedding party together before the ceremony and have them all transported together to the wedding reception via horse-drawn wagon. This venue would make for great outdoor wedding photos.

Special Wedding Photography Moments

 A few of the most memorable photos are usually around the following wedding reception moments:   

  1. Grand entrance   
  2. First dance   
  3. Mother / Son & Father/ Daughter dances   
  4. Wedding Toasts   
  5. Cake cutting   
  6. Bouquet toss / Garter toss   
  7. Dancing


Enjoy yourself and leave the pictures to the professional photographers out there.

Photographing weddings can be a really rewarding and fun experience for a photographer. By day’s end, it will feel like the photographer is now a part of the wedding party, the family.

A very rewarding experience at the end of a very long day 🙂

Book Hatfield Farm: For further information in planning your special day with Hatfield Farm, call (902) 835-5676 | www.hatfieldfarm.ca

Book Wedding Photography in Halifax: Anka Goold Photography Halifax NS | 902-880-5458 | www.ankagooldphotography.com (Specializing in wedding photography, engagement photography, and elopement photography)

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