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Very is good a sweater, feel very tender, upper body effect is good, but the site is not accounted for in the picture looked at multicolored colour! Sweater really multicolored is very beautiful quality is very good also touch happy and tender color is also my favorite that no happy color difference of the boss do ostentation and extravagance state degree also super good the e-commerce really yourself ~ is very good, the eve of the color is not red, feeling a bit of red, I love more happy, speed and super fast, and havent had 24 hours to get money on the shoulders of bead flower is really very vibration oh ~ ~ good feelings, the eve of it ~ colour also very western style is very to stick to zambrotta ? ? five points PS: clothes very rich? Haha very yourself! ? ? ? is multicolored with imagine sino-german, it is the eve of! Taobao ? ? ? mens shoes for the sugar is sweet shops ? ? ? all five points: O ? ? YY feels very good and put on in the future is also very brim feel? Love of the eve of the store owner delivery soon baby ~ ~ O (? _ ?) O ~ good yiyibushe, delivery speed, 155 high, 52 heavy wearing just, give a high praise, will come to assist. Clothes and depict all sections, the eve of happy have a type, unfortunately has received a nail bead line has scattered, have to add XiaGong ~ ~ clothes is very good, but do not know why shoulder to embroider the purple drill, taobao mall initiative XuanSe embroidered on sale. Clothes very feel, after the office and see all still want to buy it, owner attitude is very good, have no words to the style of this dress is the eve of the party, the color is dark some. Another set of sequins beads some simple, some sequins has drawn up a hole, and the other an empty root end didnt order. Originally very nice sweater, and is this the cut corners, a little regret. But, my own detailed book. My height is 165, weight 110 jins, chosen M code, I am very happy like the dress, colour is very show class of red, appear the skin is white, bead flower very flash, but very rich, garment type have a curve, put on woman flavour waters, a total of in this store bought four sweater, are all very happy is love, and the clothes are more through think over-valued, owner attitude is very good, to be worthy of trust. The colour of bright clothes without pictures, dark hair, wine red, the size of the eve of the wide, the figure is arrogant small meimei are not fit me. Bought a small, also can wear, have to send a person. For the beautiful reference! Give a high praise! My height 162 48 KG chosen S th is fit in very is multicolored a wool dress xi xi the above bead flower look at the eve of the super happy love of special match my boots felt soft also very gentle temperament ~ shopkeeper people also chao deng good delivery also quickly in short dye-in-the-wood is very unusual ~ ha ha next time will assist. Sweater really chao deng good, special show class of bead flower is the eve of his work is very good, the clothes really is a hairy identity, and owner really good next time I will concern your home, I 171 116 jins, just wear m.

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