Refine Your Gold

Often times people that are starting with gold prospecting as a hobby they are not sure how all the steps work. Like anything new you will learn things as you go. So let’s say you have done your research on where to find gold and you got yourself a nice metal detector, you got lucky and actually found some gold, now what? Well that’s really up to you, several gold prospectors hold on to their gold and don’t sell it right away. This is a smart thing to do since gold prices seem to always be on the rise. Make sure to stash it in a safe place and don’t tell too many people you sleep with a few gold bars at night. So you want to sell your gold, what are your options? If you have some gold flakes or gold nuggets that you have found and you want to sell them, remember, gold that you find in the ground is not always 100% pure gold. In-fact it pretty much never is. If you are going to sell your gold for the prices you see posted everywhere, if will have to be pure. Often times other minerals are found in gold veins such as; copper, iron, silver and quartz. You will have to refine your raw gold in order to ensure it is pure and without other minerals. Some people to refine their own gold but it takes equipment, space to work, and several chemicals. There are places you can bring your raw gold and they will refine it for you into a pure bar. These places of course charge you, normally how these places work is they will charge you a flat fee for refining, usually around $150 USD. If you go this route you would be better off only bringing a fair amount of gold, so the refining cost will not be too high of a percentage.

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