Selling From The Stage – Making the Stage Your Selling Platform

Selling from the stage is what we do! A lot of professional speakers are confused about this. They think they are professional trainers, teachers, or motivators. But the reality of the SPEAKING BUSINESS is that we are platform salespeople in our job to sell from the stage. It should always be in the front of your mind that selling from the stage is your only purpose when you’re up on the platform. Sure would love to teach, sure we love to motivate, sure we love to train … But we will soon be broke if we are not selling from the stage and doing it exceptionally well.

Below are a few tips that will help you sell from the stage better than ever and should dramatically increase your sales and income in the back of the room. Each one of these tools is amazingly powerful, but requires patience and practice to perfect. But before you know it you’ll be crushing it with fantastic sales from the stage in your bank account will prove it!

Creating instant rapport and credibility. The audience will only buy when they know, like and trust you. You must find ways to instantly connect with your audience from the moment you step on the stage. One great technique is to be introduced by someone who is liked and respected by the audience. Their introduction will carry a huge amount away and give you instant credibility. Just as important, make sure that you shake their hand and smile, or better yet, give them a big hug … Because this will transfer their credibility and likability to you.

Using embedded commands and the power of suggestion to bypass conscious resistance, and speak directly to the subconscious mind directing your audience to take action. One example of an embedded command that you can use when speaking from the stage is to say things in such a way as if they have actually already occurred. Use statements like: When would NOW be a good time to take charge of your future? Another example would be: When you take my kit home you will find …. Embedded commands tell the person what you want them to do and assume that they are of course going to do. People take direction easily when told what to do in this assumptive fashion.

Another powerful tool is anchoring from the stage. Anchoring means using certain triggers or cues to attach either positive or painful emotions to something. One strategy is to point to the right and talk about the pain from the past, thereby anchoring the pain of the past to their left hand side. You then talk about the exciting future endpoint to your left, toward your product … thus anchoring it. By doing this the audience will attach pain to their old way of doing things and attach positive feelings to your product, all done subconsciously. Whenever talking about something positive, try to point toward your product or the table in the back of the room, to layer more anchors on these two items. You will be amazed at how this will reduce sales resistance to your product.

I hope these tips on selling from the stage help you increase your income. We have been training some of the top speakers and network marketers for years to be massively successful. They come to us because they know that we can take what they’re currently doing and multiply their success rates many times by teaching them successful ways to “sell from the stage” and to market their products and services online. Our sales and marketing strategies have helped create many millionaires and our testimonials flood our web pages and social media sites.

If you are ready to take your speaking, business or Internet marketing to the next level please give us a call at 1-800-687-4061 or check out our website at: . When you call we will give you a free consultation to see how we can help multiply your sales and even show you ways to create even more money through things like joint ventures, automation, webinars, and much more.

David VanHoose has been selling from the stage for over 10 years and has conducted over 3000 professional speaking presentations. Dave VanHoose is recognized as a leading national and international expert on selling from the stage.

If you are ready to take your speaking, business or Internet marketing to the next level please give us a call at 1-800-687-4061 or check out our website at:

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