Sexy Easter Gift Ideas

It’s easy to get excited at Easter and by that I mean quite literally! Check out these 5 Sexy Easter Tips and burn off all those extra Easter egg calories.

Surprise Your Guy With Sexy Easter Gift

There only so many stuffed fluffy toys that you can give as presents. So why not jazz your Easter gift up this year and present him with something a little more creative, a little more manly and a whole lot more sexy!

Buy a large plastic hollow egg and fill it with mini adult play toys all mixed in with an assortment of vibrant mini Easter eggs. You can usually find plastic eggs at party supply shops, or your trusty $2 store where you’re always bound to find an assortment of kooky things you never knew you needed. You can also find inexpensive small adult play toys online for very low prices to fill up your egg. You man will love the excitement of cracking this adult Easter basket open and be even more impressed at what he finds inside!

Invest In A Bunny Outfit

One of the best sexy Easter tips is to dress yourself up in a sexy bunny costume. A pair of ears and a little tail will usually do it if you want to hop to the quick and easy route and spend your Easter going at it like rabbits make an effort and purchase a proper sexy bunny outfit Sexy and classy, no man will ever forget the effort you made to become his sexy bunny girl!

Vajazzle Bunny Style

Another way to amp up your Easter is to have a little fun with grooming your lady bitz, Bunny style! Print a copy of the playboy bunny image matching the size to your lady mound. Once you have established the right size, cut out the image and use it as a stencil to cut out the shape of the bunny in your pubic hair. This can be quite tricky having done it myself, however with patience and perseverance it’s guaranteed to be a success. You can even colour your personal art with a pubic colouring spray for that extra level of vajazzle!

Upgrade Your Rampin Rabbit

There isn’t a more fitting time than Easter to upgrade your current toy. So hop along to it. Pleasing yourself is one of the best and most rewarding sexy Easter tips ever!

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