GO SMART MEDIA will give each new client a free SEO analysis to get you started on the road of promotion your website and getting top search engine results!

The most important first step in finding out what your page rank is in relation to other local competition in your market. As part of this FREE SEO analysis goSmartMedia will include a free keyword discovery that with show you which keywords we need to work on in order to place high in search engines.

People are out there right now searching for your products and services locally, so get on board with our top SEO Service Plans and get a search engine boost that you soon won’t regret. Stop giving away sales to your competition. We can improve website traffic to your website, drive leads, and increase sales for your business.

Our experienced SEO team (goSmartMedia.com) will personally review your website and provide you with a free SEO analysis report to your email address. We will then provide professional recommendations for choosing the SEO plan that is right for your company and will improve your online presence in the search engines.

Each SEO Services Strategy will be a step-by-step guide to optimize your website, create valuable content, and boost your search engine ranking.

What Is Included in the SEO Analysis?

  1. Analyze local online competition

  2. Examine the HTML status of your website

  3. Include a complete market review

  4. Analyze all local competition in your industry

  5. Use current SEO and Social Media Marketing strategies

  6. Manually check all on-page areas of your website

  7. Analyze all off-page backlinks and social media channels

  8. Check all contextual content on your website including text, images, and videos

  9. Develop a custom SEO strategy for your brand

  10. Answer any follow-up questions before getting started

Your Online Competition?

One of the first things we tell you in your free SEO analysis is a detailed competition report that tells you just who is your online competition for your market. It doesn’t matter how good your site looks, it’s all about placing high on the first page of major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Brands who have been around for years may be hard to compete with as they have a lot of content on their websites and hundreds of authority backlinks leading to their website. So if you own a business in Toronto, you will want to hire an experienced SEO company in Canada  that is well versed in SEO and Social Media Marketing methods that, combined, will boost your page rank to surpass local competition, even if they have been around for years.

In Depth Review Of Your Website

This website SEO analysis will include an in-depth review of your website’s content, page speed, coding, inter-links and backlinks to other sites, as well as any broken links to pictures or videos. We will provide a detailed strategy to fix any issues or errors so they Google will consistently see improvements to your site, week by week, and will gradually increase you keywords index and search engine ranking.

Top ranking sites in your niche are usually optimized for the search engines and meet all of the criteria as spelled out in Google’s Best Practices Guide for SEO. The main thinking here is that when browsers are looking for your products or services online they will find your website, not your competitors website.

It may be time to stop giving away business to your competition!

Millions of dollars are spent online each year for products and services in your market, so why not tap into this with a proper SEO analysis and proven SEO Subscription Plan that will boost your website past any local competition and by driving organic traffic to your website.

SEO Services In The USA

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  • SEO Services in New York
  • SEO Services in California
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SEO Services In Canada


SEO Analysis

An SEO analysis from our local SEO company, is the first step in improving your search engine page rank. This is part of our overall strategy to boost your business in major search engines like Google. Choose an SEO company that has proven SEO results for hundreds of companies, businesses, and brands in Canada.

Go Smart Media SEO Services has many years of experience ramping up local companies in the US and Canada as well as other businesses right across Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, New York, California, and all other states and provinces in North America.

Contact our SEO and smart social media professionals on LinkedIn to discuss your next social media marketing campaign, website build, or Hootsuite Management services for all your social networking channels. Need a testimonial video created for your YouTube channel? We can take care of that as well!

What Are Your Keywords?

You can easily find out what your keywords are by getting a FREE SEO analysis from GO SMART MEDIA SEO & Social Media Management Services!

Contact us today for a free website audit and SEO analysis(888-SEO-2382)!


Local SEO Services + Google Integration

Local SEO services are our specialty at goSmartMedia.com

To keep up with the current Google algorithm updates, Go SMART MEDIA has integrated all SEO Solutions now with Google by registering each customer’s website with Google Webmaster Tools, integrating a Google Sitemap and Analytics tracking code, as well as placing your listing on Google maps so that local browsers can easing find your company website in top search engine results.

Local SEO stands for local search engine optimization. PPC or pay per click advertising on Google is good if you have a large budget, but only lasts as long as you pay Google for AdWords Marketing. Your listing disappears as soon as you stop paying Google for your listing. However, local SEO has a more permanent ranking and is based on organic search results that Google indexes to show to searchers based on how important each site is.

If your website has regular updates and quality content, you will get valuable indexing points from Google. If your site has a mix of incoming and outgoing backlinks you will get more indexing points. If you site has a solid web presence which include quality articles for SEO, web 2.0 sites, Press Releases, social networking and social signals, you will get bumped up again by Google’s search engine ranking.

Local SEO will boost your website visibility within your market when integrated with Google Webmaster Tools.

This includes local exposure on mobile phone platforms, cellphones, and tablets. Don’t forget about your social media presence.



After you get the results of your free SEO website analysis, choose an SEO Plan that bests suits the needs of your company. Take a look at the guide below and it will give you an indication of your current page rank compared to your local competition. A local internet marketing specialist will be glad to answer your questions and sign you up to one of the best internet marketing plans in Canada.

We have found that to surpass local competition for your keywords and to steadily improve in search engine results you have to combine SEO + CONTENT WRITING + SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING in order to build your brand and advertise to a targeted audience in Canada.

If you have questions deciding on which SEO package to choose, contact one of our local SEO experts at support@gosmartmedia.com to find out where to start

  1. If you are not in the top 300 results on Google for your keywords then you will most likely need our “EXECUTIVE SEO Package” for a few months.

  2. If your site is about a year old and you have a tough time gaining ground on your competitors, and your market is fairly competitive, then try the “CORPORATE SEO Package.

  3. If your site is a little older (2-3 years), and you are getting found well but still need that competitive advantage, then you will most likely need our “BASIC SEO Package“.

If you have questions don’t forget to call us at 1-888-736-2382 (888-SEO-2382) or email support@gosmartmedia.com

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