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An indie game is an environment with short duration stories that contain simple mechanics for the player to discover. The player is responsible for creating the experience. The goal of the game is for a player to find out if they’re a composer and a note. A Note’s Journey: After it’s tasked to the player to create the experience, you’ll find yourself lifted into a surreal dimension. It is a parallel dimension where you just start walking. It’s very dreamlike and surreal. The player will find and explore the world. Looking for the path to go above, or the path to the bottom. They will find a world that contain a quick story. It’s a very short story and the player has no control over it. The player can’t stop the game. You will discover the atmosphere, the struggle, the wonder, the purpose. A Note’s Dream: This is not your average game. You will find a way to go through and explore. Then you will find yourself above in the sky. After reaching the top, you will find the note will float in the air above the world. Then this note is taken away from the player and is put into a dream world. Dreams are at once horrifying and intensely beautiful. There is constant change, constantly creativity. These are the things we dream and hope to come true. The notes are trying to reach the goal The player’s responsibility is to find the way to escape a surreal dimension. It’s a new experience for gaming, it’s like a new trip. For more game details you can visit the below links. Official site Jupiter’s Star is the second game from the team that made flOw which was a huge success. The player is a spacecraft and player can fly to planet and do missions for scientific, defensive, and other types of missions. As the main character of the game the player will have a ship and be able to collect “garbage” and other things. You can earn then use them to upgrade your ship such as boost, shield and more. (The full game description. Contains minor spoilers)


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Features Key:

  • An anticipated anime-like experience to please a wide range of fans
  • Enter into the much anticipated world of Transcendence
  • All-new gameplay feature: Custom Creation! Make your own battles, adventures and other events! 
  • All-new user interface 
  • Various return battles from Season 1
  • Re-envisioned battle scenes and original tracks
  • Expanded equipment and magical items


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NOTE: This item contains material from all versions of MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA, including MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA Original Soundtrack, Artbook, Soundtrack, Soundtrack Two and Code 0. Contents 1. Roa Round Announcements 2.Gameplay 3.GM Features 4.Flawless Win! 5.Extras 1.Roa Round Announcements This announcement was previously unavailable. Please don’t forget to complete the main content [Roa Round Announcements]. Description I realized I had never even talked about round announcements, so I wanted to finally start talking about them. I guess I really should have mentioned them sooner, but here we are. What are round announcements? Well, basically, they’re special announcements that are sent out by the GM of the round. When you see a round announcement, it’s kind of like a closing message to the rest of the players on the round. The main purpose of round announcements is to let the players know what’s going on in the round. It may be a reminder of some important event that needs to be taken care of, or a few announcements about the big things that are happening in the round, or a combination of all three. Why are round announcements even necessary? The round announcements are necessary because, in the end, we’re all going to play MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA together. If you want to really know what’s going on in the round, you need to go to the GM. If you want to know what’s going on with your friends, you need to go to them. And if you want to know about the whole situation for the round, you need to go to me. So, when you see one of the round announcements, all you need to do is read it, ask any questions you might have, and play the round. All that is left to do is show up and play the game! How can I get a round announcement? You can get a round announcement in two ways: Either by asking me, or Getting invited by the GM. Who gets invited by the GM? The GM sends round announcements to any player who they feel might need to know what’s going on in the round. Sometimes, they’ll even send round announcements to players who


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