These £28 flipflops are a big hit with those with plantar fasciitis

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Flip flops are a summer must-have, but for those that suffer with foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, the thin flat sole can play havoc with your feet.

Without some level of arch support, shoes like flip flops can exacerbate stress and strain on your tendons, but that’s where the can save the day. 

Designed with ‘extremely comfortable’ arch support and thick cushioned sole, t are the perfect substitute for traditional flip flops, offering the same relaxed appeal but with unrivalled comfort. 

For all-day comfort, the sandal features orthopaedic footbeds made from a ‘cushiony yoga mat’ fabric that contours and fits your soles perfectly, helping absorb shock, reduce stress, and support the arch of your foot.

The lightweight   have become a popular buy on Amazon, with shoppers noting that they can be worn all day long without any stress on your feet or ankles. 

Without arch support, the foot flattens more than usual, causing the ligaments to stretch, hence why your feet can often feel sore and tired after a day in flip flops.  

Thanks to the orthotic arch support, cushiony footbed and non-slip lightweight sole, the are comfortable enough to be worn all day, even supplying great traction for long-distance walking.

KUAILU Womens Flip Flops in Red White

KUAILU Womens Flip Flops in White

Thanks to the contoured arch support footbed that hugs your feet, the sliders provide superior support while the thicker sole gives you more of a platform

Unlike a lot of strappy sandals that can cut in and dig the skin, these have a wider leather strap that is engineered to provide all-day support. 

One impressed shopper raved: ‘These are so comfortable, just like slippers.They’re more flexible than they look in the picture and very soft underfoot. The arch support is very much appreciated.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘First time wearing a little stiff on the foot, but after about 1/2 hour, its like walking on air, I suffer with Plantar Facitsistius, and its really helping with the pain.’

A third penned: ‘I have flat feet and was worried how I would painful it would be wearing flip-flops on holiday however, I bought these as the raised arch looked perfect for Mantap168 walking around. 

‘These were so comfortable.I worn them on holiday all the time and no pain. Very happy with these.’

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