Things to Remember When Planning a Phone Service Upgrade

If you have 50 or more users, what kind of phone service do you need?

As your business grows, there are numerous things that need adjustments and one of these is your telephone service. This has to grow with or ahead of you. Do not think for one moment that you can save company resources by making do with your old telephone plan. Doing so may restrict business transactions and prevent growth.

It is time to get a new plan in the event you find yourself in the position of hiring more individuals. However, ask yourself these questions before you do such a thing. To be able to avail new functions, will you need to upgrade your equipment? Do you have to merely increase the number of users and extension numbers in the plan or do you need to add more functions? What phone service features and capabilities do you foresee yourself using?

You might also want to have a look at providers that offer flexible plans that allow you to customize capabilities within offered rates. Plan rates differ depending on the number of users you have and the amount of features you wish to avail.

One more thing to think about is whether the services that you now need can be given by your current VoIP service provider. If there are capabilities you think you will not be able to do without when you expand, you might have to consider switching to a new VoIP provider if your present one doesn’t offer them.

Some phone service providers provide the same capabilities in all their plans and just charge less per user in their bigger (50+) users. It also depends on how big your jump in the plans will be. Will you be jumping from 1-3 users to 50+? If so, there could be capabilities that you haven’t used before even if they had been already a part of your plan which you need now.

It might be best to try out a plan and some features and see how it goes with your business’ day-to-day operation since most IP phone providers offer no risk trial periods. This way, once you do subscribe to a plan, you can retain those that you were able to exploit to the fullest during your trial run and eliminate those that were not beneficial. No use paying for something that might someday turn into helpful.

Does your business make more calls to one country than others? You can find providers with different rates for different countries, although like most VoIP rates, the most expensive fees are still significantly lower than those charged by traditional phone service.

Determining your usage, like how many individuals will be using the telephone is the best way to know what is best for you. To where will your calls be concentrated? What features have proven to be most useful to you? How long does every long distance call usually last?

Compute the charges according to choices available to you after you have determined all that. You can be given several options by just a single provider. According to your defined usage, you might be able to compare rates fairly and not just based on pre-packaged phone service plans.

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