Things You Might Not Be Aware About Massage

Majority of the people you know may think that massages have no real benefits. Some folks think their only purpose is to provide an avenue to do some flirtations. It’s true that some individuals assert that getting a regular massage has a lot of benefits but, for the most part, the major benefits of massage are still being discovered. Have you been trying to figure out whether a regular massage is worth your money? Here are several not yet widely known benefits of massages!

Know that massage causes chemical changes in your brain. These chemical changes lower your pain and stress levels throughout your whole body. This is terrific news since it means that you do not necessarily have to massage the exact spot that is causing you pain. This means that if you don’t want another person touching, for example, your lower back, you should ask them to concentrate on somewhere you do feel at ease instead. The pressure on those muscles will set off the chemical reactions in your brain. Give it some time and the muscles in other areas of your body will relax as well.

Several experts claim that regular massages help your body continue to be inn good health. Science has proven, through a series of tests, that massage can improve your immune system and make it easier for your body to fend off disease. This occurs due to the fact that massage increases your body’s de-stressors. For example, science has shown that the cortisol levels in your body are diminished when you get a massage regularly. Cortisol is triggered by stress and it assails your body’s immune system so lowering your stress levels can only help you stay healthy.

Did you already know that massages can lower your blood pressure? High blood pressure is reduced also. The reason this is true is that massage activates your vagus nerve; the vagus nerve is what helps your brain regulate the level of your blood pressure as well as a host of other important functions. In 2005, a study was conducted in which people who suffer from hypertension were given ten ten-minute massages over the course of several weeks–the study revealed that they had a drastic drop in their high blood pressure levels.

It’s possible to give yourself a massage also. Many people assume that they should be massaged by another person but this isn’t true. You don’t have to be able to reach the exact part that is hurting, you just need to be able to reach a point that is adjacent to it. One example of this is an individual with carpal tunnel syndrome can help himself by massaging his own arms a few times a week.

Massage gives you a number of benefits. Lots of individuals are aware that massage can be relaxing but it can help to treat a number of health conditions also. In addition, be aware that there is no one form of massage that is better than the other. A great massage involves putting adequate pressure to make indentations on the skin and nothing more. So why not get a massage and reap some of the benefits?

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