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Writer-director Erika A. Nickles may momentarily scream out to Peeping Tom via a shot of its DVD MOVIE, but Playback is merely a voyeurism-tinged horror film involving dismal direct-to-video quality. Working from the preposterous notion that Louis Le Prince-the real-life grandfather of cinema, having produced the worlds first motion picture with a single-lens camera-was basically the Devil (simply because, get this, Louis = Lucifer, and Le Prince = Knight in shining armor of Darkness), Nickless story imagines The Princes seminal Roundhay Garden Scene as a vehicle for Prince to be able to pass down his demonic heart to successive male forebears. That unholy inheritance finally makes its strategy to the modern world such as Quinn (Toby Hemingway), a news station archivist that, while getting raw footage of an familys Halloween-esque 1994 murder for a gaggle of journalism students making a movie around the true crime, is possessed by the Le Prince spirit-a transference of souls performed by using a video cameras lens. This turns Quinns confront gaunt and veiny, but more perplexing even now, it gives him the power to possess others and also turn them into his or her zombies, which leads him to plant camcorders in the bedrooms of high school graduation girls so he can take control of them, as well as to obtain nuddie clips to sell to some local cop (Christian Slater) having a taste for young weed.

Some Native American superstitions believe that a photo can capture your soul. What if the same happened with a video recording? The horror, Playback, directed by Michael Nickles, explores this idea but which has a supernatural twist. Now, imagine if the satan could capture your soul through making you look right into a camera. All of Hollywood will be screwed.

The thriller opens upwards in similar found-footage style, in the midst of an murder spree being committed by Harlan Diehl. The crazed Diehl appears to be possessed as he thoughtlessly murders his parents as well as sister, leaving a crying infant behind, but not before filming it regarding his cam corder! Time flashes to current day and the audience is introduced towards the horror-obsessed filmmaker, Julian, as he and his teenage friends try to recreate the famous murders for the school project.

The cast includes the stereotypical group of kids: the hornball best good friend, the whorebag bestie, the good girl, the supportive girlfriend who is SUPER cool with all people, the druggie loner, and of course, the amazing creative and also sensitive boyfriend who just wishes to solve the ongoing murder-mystery.

As Julian and his or her girlfriend Riley delve deeper to their towns mysterious past, trying to dig up more info for their project, they realize that the problem isnt everything that it appears to be. The pair learn that Diehl was the descendant in the famous Louis Le Prince, said to be the father of films and oh yeah, the devil incarnate.

Supposedly, Mr. Le Prince liked to film people so as to capture their souls and the best way for him to do so was to film his or her own son, who in turn did identical to his son, and so on. The couple learn that each of the individuals that appeared throughout Le Princes film died soon there after, furthering their suspicions.

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