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Nicolas Wire crate and January Jones star in this particular vigilante thriller that may have you questioning your own appetite for revenge.

Will Gerard, played by an unusually subdued Nicolas Cage, deeply loves his inviting wife Laura, played by Mad Mens January Jones. Then one night, as classical musician Laura strolls to her car immediately after rehearsal, she is brutally raped. Fortunately, director Roger Donaldson (The bank Job) spares us a lot of the gruesome details, but while the impression of her bruised along with beaten face is difficult to examine, it is necessary to discover to understand the journey her husband Will is approximately to undertake.

Inside the hospital the wifes at, Will gets approached by way of man called Simon (Gentleman Pearce). He tells Will anything similar happened to your pet, and that hes portion of an organisation that can help Will, if he wants that. To help him to manufacture a decision, Simon informs him that they knows exactly who would this to his wife, and all he needs to do is say the term, oh and buy two Forever bars in the vending machine, and hell take care than it for him. And in return, all he will have to do is do a small favour for him, somewhere down the road. Feeling anger at the device letting his wife decrease, Will agrees.

Soon after Will learns which the man who raped his wife met by having an unfortunate accident, and is now lifeless. Will feels that justice may be served.

Not longer after, Will finds himself becoming contacted by Simon, who in turn calls inside favour that Will agreed to. At first the chores set for Will seem to be harmless enough, but before too lengthy, he finds himself embroiled in events way to avoid it of his control knowning that the justice he was after comes at a significant price.

Out of all the projects which he agreed to be part of for the run of films released this year, its probably this a single thats worth seeing above all the others. Although thats not definitely saying much.

Seasoned Australian director Roger Donaldson manages to help keep the drama aspect pretty taut, considering the far-fetchedness on the plot. Theres an ethereal sense concerning the organisation behind the killings, that makes it just that little bit too incredible. Its implied that the group is a large network that manages to look after the cases that slip over the hands of the law. But other than Simon as well as his small entourage associated with henchmen, you dont really have a scale of how big is the operation. The back room workforce could all be run by Smurfs proper knows. But as its some sort of Nic Cage film, his fans especially are widely-used to looking over this sort of details.

As far as Cage himself is involved, its one of their more reserved performances; its one of people rare times where he actually seems to be go the less can be more route, and it pays down for him.

Whats disappointing is bad old January Jones; shes saddled with another wifey role, where she does little or no other than being silent and looking pretty

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