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A group of four anarchist drummers led with a conductor and a female musician attempt to make music with objects which have been generally considered non-musical. They plan out some sort of concert with four hilariously titled movements to be played across the city after carefully analyzing what objects enables you to make good music. They begin by playing within a hospital room using the fat patient admitted pertaining to rectal surgery for percussion. Their next piece is set in a bank where by they “hold up” your staff and customers. They then feed banknotes to the shredding machine for any distorted bass sound. The next piece uses bulldozers thumping the bottom at the fountain facing an opera house. For the final crescendo, they strike the fountain knocking it for the ground. The last piece entails them hanging from high tension power cables as well as playing the suspended converter cables like violins. All the while, they are pursued by a tone-deaf policeman born into a distinguished musical family which hates the sound regarding music.

In “Sound of Noises, ” Police officer Amadeus Warnebring, (Bengt Nilsson,) comes from a household of very successful performers. His brother is a very famous music conductor. Amadeus, however, is completely tone-deaf. He couldnt carry a listen up a bucket. So, its extremely annoying when he or she is assigned to investigate the crime of noise parading because music.

A group of music artists and bands, headed by Sanna, (Sanna Persson,) want to create a statement about musicians want to produce a huge statement, actually four huge phrases about music. In the town many people live, (which is in no way named,) there are audio system everywhere playing Muzak. Going so far regarding cut the wires to one speaker, this set of percussionists, make plans to move much further.

Sanna pulls together the most beneficial drummers she can uncover, informs them that are going to performing in strange places and possibly breaking the law in some places. She has four bits of music. Each piece of music is going to be performed in a distinct place with unconventional devices.

The film then is important down the four various performances. My favorite is primary. The group invades a hospital when a really snooty TV star is having hemorrhoid surgical procedure. Dressed as hospital personnel, the musicians take the television star to surgery and come up with a drum of him. While one of the guys drums the TV celebrity, keeping him under sedation when they play, the others are using hospital surgery equipment for making music. Its surprising how beneficial the music sounds. However, after the music is completed and the TV star may be resuscitated, the group must escape and youll find their other performances. (It is this performance that sucks in tone-deaf Amadeus Warnebring, much to his dismay.

In the meantime, a somewhat supernatural event is being conducted with Amadeus. When he hears most things that makes music, he never hears the music from that device again. This situation is fine with him, he hates music and that goes with it.)

Part four of his or her masterpiece that Sanna in addition to her group performs, brings the whole city inside their Capriccio. Even Amadeus took aspect, tin ear and just about all.

“Sound of Noise” can be a Swedish film with Language subtitles.

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