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Any Secret Service Agent is held captive from the trunk of an automobile and endures high-speed mind and physical torture as terrorists seek to extract needed information for sinister plot.

Secret Service Agent Jeremy Reins (Stephen Dorff) (Mr. Sexy in the pack himself) wakes up alone in a very plastic box in full darkness. He at first thinks its a joke, then he thinks it truly is pay back for poker debts. The timer is running and they have no idea what is going to happen to him when it runs out of time. It isnt long before he realizes that he is locked behind a trunk with any tube connecting Jeremy to be able to his captors, through the tube they place things inside the box to make Jeremy chat. With no idea of where he or she is at, disoriented and confused he starts to panic.

His cries for aid go unanswered. He hears a words that leads him to identify a CB radio (thats why the title Brake) based up with him. He finds on another end of the Radio men named Henry Shaw (JR . Bourne) another governmental employee that has found himself in a similar predicament. Jeremy thinks quick and uses radio stations to talk to any nearby trucker. He is taken on a wild ride that leads to him to roll close to and thrash about the inside of the box. (poor guy required a seatbelt)

His estranged wife Molly Reins (Chyler Leigh) becomes apart of the picture when Jeremys captives telephone her from his phone and pipe her words into the box while using speakers. Jeremy is told by his captors that in case he wants to see Molly alive again he must quit the whereabouts of “Roulette, ” a secret location in which the U. S. President is taken in the event of a terrorist attack. He is mentally and also physically tortured by exactly who he realizes are questionable terrorists. Jeremy refuses to stop trying the secrete he took a sworn oath to protect. The terrorist start to reduce their patients with him.

The terrorist run into a situation that enables Realtor Jeremy Reins to obtain one of their cell phones and he places the frantic call to 911. He is connected to a 911 operator (Kali Rocha) whom tries to pin stage his location. Jeremy frantically tries for you to call other agents from his office and is also met with a lot of voice recordings. (I would are trying to call my personal mama) He eventually reaches Ben Reynolds (Tom Berenger) who shows Jeremy that he is one of many agents locked at the back of cars and that if there is anything Jeremy can make sure he understands he needs to take action. Jeremy doesnt budge. He continues to hold his oath and refrains through spilling the beans, (I would get told. I would have sooo spilt your beans.) He is further afflicted by dooms-day type news in the car radio where it sounds as if the world is coming up around him. Jeremy remains strong.

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