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Jason (Jason Segel) can be a thirty-year old slacker whos waiting during the day destiny will pluck him from his mothers (Myra Sarandon) basement. On his moms wedding, hes sent to Home Depot to acquire some glue, but through what he thinks is divine intervention, ends up spending the afternoon with his brother, Pat (Ed Helms), whos following around his or her wife (Judy Greer) who might be cheating on him.

I pretty much knew I would dig JEFF WHO LIVES IN YOUR OWN HOME right from the 1st scene, where Jeff sits for the toilet, and waxes poetically in a tape-recorder about his undying love for that movie SIGNS. I tend to such as the Duplass Brothers, who wrote and focused, so I guess this wasnt a hardcore sell.

At first glance, JEFF WHO LIVES IN YOUR HOUSE seems like a bit of a minor film, with it running any scant eighty-minutes, and taking course spanning a single day. Heck, for ninety-percent of the movie it had been a minor work, and while I appreciated it, it still felt like a disappointment on the pumps of CYRUS, which was one of definitely the films from last year.

The film works mostly due to Jason Segel, whos affecting as the eternally optimistic Jeff. In another actors hands, Jeff could have also been insufferable- but Segel brings a sweetness on the part that meshes well while using the Duplass Brothers big-hearted, humanist philosophy.

Like CYRUS, this owes a lot for the Duplass Bros., mumblecore origins, with it seemingly picture on lower-grade digital, possibly hand-held cameras, just like CYRUS. Some of the dialogue also looks like its improvised, with the exchanges between Segel and Ed Helms (who seems to be playing Andy Bernard with a goatee here- no complaints) having a natural, unscripted feel. The film also features a very nice score by simply Michael Andrews, heavily reminiscent of the excellent soundtrack for Miranda Julys ME AND ALSO YOU AND EVERYONE WE LEARN (the release of which remains the last time I got myself a physical CD).

In terms of a joke, yeah- JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME is funny, but in a genteel kind of way. Youll never double above in laughter, but the whole matter feels pleasant, and at eighty minutes, goes down pretty even.

Now, I said that for ninety-percent in the running time, this felt minor. The last twenty minutes or so throw the audience a curve-ball, with Jeffs idea of destiny developing a surprisingly dramatic payoff, that pushed the film into territory I has not been expecting. However, this switch isnt jarring, and works to the films advantage, give it an individuality I wasnt anticipating.

Theres also an useful subplot involving Jeff and also Pats mom, played by Susan Sarandon, as she interacts with the office co-worker (Rae Dawn Chong of COMMANDO!!!), and deals with a secret admirer, which pays off inside a fun, heart-warming way that, again, makes the film just a little different- but in a smart way.

All told, JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME isnt quite as well as CYRUS, but its a special, pleasant comedy that yet again proves that the Duplass Friends., might be on to something while using the way their films appear to simultaneously aim the hub AND the funny bone tissue.

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