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David Tennant stars just as one English writer whose 1st novel is eclipsed through his relationship with fabulously famous Hollywood superstar Lara Tyler (Alice Event). After their latest seek to marry ends abruptly using the bride-to-be uncovering a snapper hiding in the church organ, they decide to escape on the remote island of Hegg, and when the press follow, Laras agent (Erika Urie of Ugly Betty) hires a nearby girl to divert these.

The only single available woman for the island is Katie (Kelly Macdonald), recently ditched by some sort of musician boyfriend who told her shes “just one song – no entire album”. She and Tennant like the other person, then loathe each various other, then fall for each other in several changes of heart of which suggest arrhythmia.

Scriptwriter Sally Phillips includes a wealth of cultural choices to draw on, and a cast who should know their way around any comedy, including Maureen Beattie in addition to Tony Roper. But whatever the initial intentions, this is a doodle of your film, offering a few vignettes about local crafts (villagers promoting stones with faces as well as wool hair stuck upon), artistic vanity (Tennant is wounded once the Hegg book club give his novel the thumbs-down) in addition to our eternal love-hate relationship with bagpipes. Worse yet, the films lack involving bounce keeps getting underlined by way of jaunty guitar which cruelly reminds us on the fun we arent having.

The film gets points for dodging the easy clich? of portraying Lara like a spoilt celeb, but shes not much of a character either. And during the films longeurs you could possibly ask yourself what possesses happened to Tennant, who graduated from foxy (throughout both senses) superstar of appointment TV for all but the most Dalek-allergic to an underpowered movie career that features Fright Night, St Trinians 2 and now this poor mans Notting Slope.

Tennant and Eve can survive this island that will laughs forgot, but only Macdonald comes through with any credit score. When the film manages a few pokes at emotion, its usually down to help her wistful, self-deprecating presence. You cant help however wish her a happy ending – and not in a shotgun arrangement much like the Decoy Bride.

The film, conceptualized and co-written through comedian Sally Phillips (Hit The Pony), doesnt make Eve into any kind of easy villain, but it doesnt allow her actual personhood, either. It seems to agree with its gossip journalists in which celebrities are an exotic alien species placed on earth to be gawked from, waited on by personal entourages, and mocked behind their backs for odd enthusiasms and incomprehensible emotions. This explains why not a soul seems bothered by the truth that the leads meet lovely (shes hired for you to play a decoy new bride to distract the mass media), get thrown together, and maneuver through ponderous hijinks on the same day one of them arrives at the altar with other people. In the context on most rom-coms, its expected that Macdonalds mum should prompt Macdonald in order to confess her true feelings, lest she forever bum out over it. But in the wording where shes confessing these phones the groom in being married, whom she only met daily or so before, its pretty insane.

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