The Right Target Audience

First of all, a press release is an official announcement by a company, usually written these days for a multitude of online publications or news channels,  regarding news about the company. Other terms for a press release are “press statement” or  a “news release”. They are usually not very long and should be well crafted and deemed as “news worthy”.

Press releases are distributed when a company releases a new product, opens a new office in another location or city, promotes a new product or even receives some type of market award within their industry.

Anything that is meaningful and the public would want to hear about would be grounds for a great press release opportunity. If you need to find out more about press releases in Canada or content marketing in general, contact your local digital marketing professional for advice.

Press Release Submission

A Press Release Submission is key to getting your website published and out in front of the right target audience. Press releases have been around for many years, but are only now being used in the internet-marketing world.

Today, submitting press releases over the internet is the most innovative way in which to increase your search engine ranking, gain increased online visibility for your website, and unique visitors that will add up to more sales

Let our professional Press Release and Article Writing team write your press release for you and then then distribute it to top PR Submission Directories around the globe!

Some of these News Sites and Press Release Directories include over 100+ top PR sites, Google News, Yahoo News, 89000 Registered Journalists, 25000 Newsrooms online.

Other press release distribution sites would include PR Newswire and GroupWeb Network sites which enables you to reach Local, National, and Global Newspapers, Television Stations and Radio Stations, as well as over 50,000 Trade Publications Worldwide, and over 2,500 online news sites.

Sharing Newsworthy Content

The main concept behind a press releases is that they should only be used when the company wants to share newsworthy content that has some value to the viewer.

Press releases are also great for SEO!

They can be used in content marketing and provide valuable SEO benefits. Your SEO strategies should include press release writing, not just article writing and distribution online. other SEO strategies would include digital marketing, social marketing, email marketing, blogging, and any other channels online that allow your audience to learn about your products and services through marketing efforts.

Optimizing your press releases are very important because of the added benefit of backlinks. You are allowed to add a couple links with each press release which should point back to your main website. Search engines will pick up your new article or press release and index it usually right away if you have hired the right SEO consultant to work on your behalf.

Marketing A Press Release

Your press release or news story should be marketed in the proper niche for your industry and keywords. If you include contextual backlinks (hyper links) it can often result in an increase in traffic to your website. SEO press releases are organic unpaid news stories that get spread globally and read by people interested in subject matter in your market/niche. You will achieve much higher search engine rankings as a result of a well written press release or article.

SEO press releases can certainly improve your website’s popularity on the internet mostly because of the increase in traffic through inbound links from other Web 2.0 sites, News sources, blogs, and Social Media Channels. Even after the hype has died down a bit, your SEO Press Release will remained indexed and often ahead of other businesses in your market. The visibility for your services or products is at an all time high.

Content marketing and good SEO practices in general will allow you to remain on top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) where 85% of people search Google each day for products and services in your market.