White Widow

White Widow is a kind of marijuana. It’s quite popular for its high potency and is one of the strongest forms of marijuana in the world. White widow marijuana is a cross between Brazilian and Indian breeds of marijuana i.e. sativa and indica. It’s an extremely popular breed of cannabis and has won the cannabis cup on multiple occasions.

The white widow strain gets its name because of its looks. This strain of cannabis has a very high concentration of THC; these crystals cover the marijuana thus turning it white. Buds of white widow are covered with THC to such an extent that it’s difficult to even see the bud. The concentration of THC determines the strength of any marijuana and this strain has plenty! It is a pretty costly strain and sells for a lot more compared to any average marijuana like mids or regs. White widow is the first of the white weed strain and forms the backbone of the coffee shops of Holland. Almost all popular Dutch coffee shops sell white widow seeds and strains.

White widow is high grade marijuana and is said to have no equal! Its high is effective on both the body and the mind but doesn’t make you lethargic. Technically it comprises of 40% indica and 60% sativa. Concentration of THC is around 18-20%. White widow leaves the user with a relaxing feeling and is a very good appetite enhancer. It also has mood enhancement qualities and makes the user interested in activities he may not usually enjoy. White widow’s high is extremely powerful but still has a social edge to it so it won’t make you lethargic.

It offers a thick and sweet smoke which leaves you with a strong high. It’s considered a must for anyone who is a ‘smoker.’ Users tell it has a sweet pine scent and that they start to get high after the 2nd toke. It leaves users with an urge for food; this urge varies from person to person. It makes the users feel as if they’re floating but some complain of a headache on the come-down. Most users complain of a dry mouth so people thinking to try some white widow are advised to drink plenty of water. Other negatives are dry eyes and a bit of dizziness. On the medical side, white widow can help to reduce stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia and a lack of appetite.

White widow is a quite regular strain and produces both male and female plants. It can be grown outside but needs a sunny, warm climate and long summers. It has a relatively shorter flowering period of 50-60 days. White widow seeds can be used to grow the plant but may require a little attention. It produces an outrageous amount of weed and is a good plant to start with.

To find out more about White Widow, visit the website: http://weedtypes.org/

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