Why Can’t I Get Pregnant? Know the Reasons behind Infertility

Childless women, especially those in their 40s, are bound to exclaim, “Why can’t I get pregnant?!” But don’t give up just yet. There are still ways women can get pregnant even after they reach their 40s.
How to Understand “Why Can’t I get Pregnant?”
1. The main reason why a woman can’t get pregnant is infertility. This can be a problem with both genders. Infertility is caused by a number of factors. The most prominent is genetics.
2. Age is another reason why women can’t get pregnant. From 35 years onward, women experience a gradual change in the ovulation process. As the body ages, the regularity and quality of ovulation decreases.
3. Too much stress never helps anyone, especially women who want to conceive.
4. There are some medical conditions that factor into why women can’t get pregnant. Hyperprolactinemia, for example, causes the body to produce excessive prolactin which prevents fertility. Women who smoke frequently are prone to experience early menopause which also results to infertility. The same goes for those who undergo chemotherapy.

Why Can’t I Get Pregnant: A Step-By-Step Guide to Cure your Pregnancy Woes

1. First off, be healthy. A healthier body heightens the chances of conceiving, whatever the age. Start exercising regularly and eating properly. You can also take prenatal medications as long as you consult your doctor first. More importantly, avoid vices.
2. Don’t stress. Relax especially when your ovulation period is fast approaching. Also, don’t fret too much about getting pregnant. It is not a chore. Take time to enjoy the simple things in life, especially your sex life.
3. Timing is important. There are ways to determine when you’re ovulating. Check your basal temperature, use predicting kits, or do some blood and urine tests. Know your ovulation period and schedule bouts of love-making during these times.
4. Consult a specialist. If all else fails, turn to your doctor for help. Your doctor will take some tests determining the reasons why you can’t get pregnant and give you advice on how to finally get that baby bump. Some specialist will give you fertility medications and may recommend other procedures like in-vitro fertilization.

Now you know the reasons why women can’t conceive and the ways to tackle this problem, start doing what’s necessary so you won’t catch yourself asking the same question, “why can’t I get pregnant?”

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