Why Shared Hosting May Not Be Right For Your Online Store

The dreaded “server busy” message has become progressively prevalent among online websites nowadays. There is nothing far more annoying to a webmaster than customers not being able to access their website. Most often, you are not realizing when there is an issue. Abruptly, your internet traffic declines, your online revenue dive and you are not able to figure out what the problem is.

The two kinds of servers you will use when choosing what model of hosting you need for your website, shared server and dedicated server. A shared server option is the most common website hosting configuration. This makes it possible for hosting companies to ask for almost nothing since the assets are divided up between all web sites that are on the same server. This makes it very economical for independent business owners to create their own online site for a minimum monthly fee. Conversely, an enterprise web server is ideal for Internet hosting one or more sites from a single website owner. The owner doesn’t have to share the server’s domain with tonsof different internet sites. This is the perfect solution for web sites that receive a lot of traffic and for small business or large online merchants.

Almost all web masters frequently begin by using a shared server option. Nevertheless, as their website increases and starts to generate profits, they rarely relocate their resources to an enterprise server. Therefore, web servers become overwhelmed and on occasion get too many internet calls than they can handle. Furthermore, a good number of shared servers use a free open source database, mySQL. Even though mySQL is a strong database, it can’t be relied upon to efficiently process that many transactions at the same time like the very sophisticated Postgre or MS SQL database servers will be able to. This congestion occasionally triggers an a server busy message. When website visitors run into this indication they generally choose an alternative web page. This can have a major impact for online retailers that rely heavily on revenue from their site. Furthermore, sites that take more than 5 seconds to load may likely suffer reduced rankings in search engines. Web site time is a quality variable that most common search engines use to determine the place a particular web site will appear in search listings.

Will your web site the 5 second evaluation? There are plenty of reasonably priced dedicated web server possibilities. Many business web companies that provide hosting provide you with assistance with upgrading a website from shared hosting to a dedicated web hosting solution. Your Internet store could count on the additional resources.

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